Kellee Santiago
Producer : Cloud
President and Co-Founder : thatgamecompany
Game Designer : E.L.E.C.T
Game Design Consultant : Darfur is Dying
Designer : projectCAR
Game Designer : Sims 2, Spooked!
Site Manager: The Angel Project
Grad. Production Intern : WBIE
Director of Motion Capture : House of Moves
(Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
Established and built a game development company with partner Jenova Chen, lead producer on all current projects.
Collaborated on design, organized the team, maintained the budget and schedule. The project was presented at the Slamdance Festival and Independent Games Festival 2006, and has had over 600k downloads as of June.
Developed game design concept and player experience, drafted game design docs. Darfur is Dying, led by fellow USC colleague, Susana Ruiz, was the recipient of an MTVu grant to support digital activism to stop the genocide in Darfur.
Producer : Im Gonna Kill the President! A Federal Offense
Designed game mechanics to teach US Army Officers cultural sensitivity and negotiation, in collaboration with ICT. Designed the algorithms and assigned variables to create NPCs, as well as developed real-world scenarios and narrative with Subject Matter Experts. USC Project Page
Maintained quality of motion capture data during shoot. Organized and communicated between editors, clients, and talent on the set. Worked on video games(LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth, Guitar Hero), commercials(Target), tv(Disney), and film(Spiderman 2 and 3, Poseidon).
Reviewed game documents, critiqued, and tested Production Quality Assurance; ensured brand quality for Friends: The One With All the Trivia, and Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire. Organized and maintained asset spreadsheets for various projects.
projectCAR explored the media possibilities of LA's most ubiquitous mobile tool - the car. It was an experiment in communicating through commuting, using a 1983 Volvo station wagon and a "Commuter Art Rig." The Rig, depending on the scenario, can consist of an LED screen, FM transmitter, stickers, signs, mobile phone, laptop, and a GPS tracker. USC Project Page
Designed and programmed new objects in Edith in an EA-sponsored class at USC. Created original machinimas for documentation. USC Project Page
PS122, NYC. Organized the execution of this political and somewhat guerilla play during the NYC 2004 Republican National Convention. Maintained the quality of PR, arranged interviews, and was responsible for the execution of the show each night. Village Voice write-up
Lincoln Center, NYC. Maintained the quality of the production at a building in Times Square that acted as part of an enormous living installation that spread across NYC; organized the communication between different sites during rehearsal. NYTimes Review